About MANHA Membership

Our mission
We want to provide unmatched personal professional development in support of those we serve.

Our Vision
To be the leader in promotion and enhancing the professional growth of our members

Our Values
Foster professional growth and development of quality leadership

Who are we:

  • The Missouri Association of Nursing Home Administrators was incorporated in 1978 under the name Missouri League of Nursing Home Administrators.
  • We are the only not-for-profit organization in MO dedicated to furthering the interest of the long-term care administrator. With a dedicated staff and heavy reliance on our member/volunteers, we have proved successful because we stress a democratic structure that allows members to determine our direction. We assure that your voice is heard.
  • We are an online education provider for long term facilities, hospitals, and home health care employees. MANHA worked with DHSS, health care providers, recognized experts in the field and have completed countless hours of research to create current robust and engaging continuing education, certification programming and intensive training courses to improve quality of care at the facility level, And all at a very affordable price.
  • We promote the administrators and the industry through local and statewide public relations activities and provide you with timely information on issues facing the industry.

Benefits you can use immediately
MANHA can provide you with services to increase your knowledge and give you an invaluable professional edge. Our resources to help you includes:

  • Online and live educational workshops and seminars.
  • Online & live staff training programs.
  • Criminal background checks with immediate results.
  • Online subscription to MANHA NEWSLETTER, a quarterly newsletter for members only.
  • Online training for administrators and staff.
  • Timely certification processing for C.M.T, L1MA, Insulin, Rna, & Feeding Assistant.
  • Access to www.mlnha.org where you can find other members, post job openings, find a job, post adds in monthly newsletter and on web page, and more.
  • CEU licensure tracking services- for attendance at any MANHA sponsored seminars or conferences.

Manha membership will help you:

  • Building effective relationships.
  • Run your facility efficiently.
  • Mange you regional or local companies with great ease.
  • Develop strong professional relationships.
  • Best of all you will benefit by networking with other professionals and associates who are in the business of providing products and services to your facilities.

The membership information is now password protected and you can contact us to get the password. If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact:
Phone: 573-634-5345
Email: Dotties@mlnha.org