Eye Care

Mobile Eye Care Solutions
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““Providing Comprehensive Eye Care to Nursing Facilities in Missouri and Illinois. 
Our doctors provide treatment for residents with glaucoma, cataract, diabetic complications, stroke sequella, and other conditions that may affect the eye and vision system.  They also co-manage resident care with attending physicians and other specialists.  All in the comfort of the facility.””

Business Website Address: https://www.mobileeyecaresolutions.com/
Business Contact: Rob Chabot
Contact Phone: (314) 522-8773
Outreach Eyecare
Business Name: Outreach Eyecare
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Outreach Eye Care was established in 1978 to provide “on-site” comprehensive eye care services to residents in long term care facilities. Each doctor works full time in a local area. They schedule regular visits in the same facilities and are very familiar with the nursing staff and the resident’s needs. This provides a safer and more convenient service for the resident and an excellent system to communicate care plans between other doctors, the rehabilitation team, the facility staff and family members.

Business Website Address: https://www.outreacheyecare.com/
Business Contact: Dr. Jerry Jenks
Contact Phone: (816) 916-1079